LCLC Back To School!


LCLC will partner with the L.I.F.E. Coalition to sponsor the "Back to School" event on August 15th. The event is an annual event that provides school supplies to the local community children. This is the 6th year of the event. The LCLC is also working with Smiles of Arkansas to set up monthly dental services to county residents. This initiative will be a monthly event in each town to address the abscence of a Dentist in the county until a more permanent solution can be found. We also hope this will assist our county in rising in the county health rankings where Lafayette County ranks 75th of 75 conties in the state.














LCLC's 1st Annual Xmas Fest. 

Lafayette County Leadership Council's First Annual Christmas Festival.was held on 12/13/2014. The turnout was magnificent and so much fun was had by all. Double click on the slide show below to expand it and see the great work that all our volunteers did that day!

LCLC's Winter Fun 5K Run/Walk

On 1/17/2015 we were OUT! It was an amazing occassion and the message of community wellness was really taken to heart.There will be an LCLC 5K in Apr, Jul and Oct, so sign up to our mailing list for all the details. Double click below to see the great pictures from the January 5K!


On Sat Feb 21 2015, we held our Buffalo Soldiers Recognition Banquet in honor of the contribution made by African Americans during the Civil War. It was a beautiful occassion and well attended with special guest speakers. The full gallery of pictures is coming soon!



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LCLC County Spelling BEE


The event was quite an experience and we are grateful to the supporters and donors that helped make this a success. Thank you. Our winners were: 1st Place ($1,000) - Ayanna Williams, a 15 year old Sophomore who aspires to be award winning, best selling author; 2nd Place ($750) - Christopher Wyrick, a 17 year old Junior who wants to be a Mechanical Engineer; 3rd Place ($500) - Abigail Kirkpatrick, a 18 year old Senior who will attend SAU to become a Veterinarian! 

Mar '15

LCLC Spring 5k Run/Walk


Saturday, April 25th the Lafayette County Leadership Council sponsored the Spring 5K Run/Walk in Buckner, AR. Mayor Charlie Tyson was on hand to start the event and City Council Woman Laura Blakely was one of the many participants. The race was a success and one of the monthly events sponsored by the council to improve quality of life in the county and provide opportunities for the residents to keep active. 

Apr '15

LCLC City Clean Up


The LCLC sponsored a city wide clean up on May 16th. The turnout was good and we picked up more than 38 bags of trash from the roadways of Lewisville. Hot Dogs, chips, and drinks were provided at the conclusion of the event. A special "Thank You" to Chief Tomlinson and the LPD for their assistance. Also on Memorial Day we held a 3on3 Basketball Tournament with a  mini health fair and blood drive to capitalize on the crowd and address the health risks of our community. The event ended with a free community picnic on Maya Angelou Park where more than 300 folks attended.

May '15

LCLC Youth Soccer Lge.


June kicked off the LCLC youth soccer league, a first in Lafayette County. There were four teams of kids aged 6-12, and they were excited! The council sponsored Emergency Services Day after the games on July 11th. Life flight emergency evacuation services joined the County Sherriff Department, County Ambulance Service, and Stamps & Lewisville's Fire> departments in educating the children on what first responders do and how they operate. The kids were able to climb into, onto, and through all of the vehicles and even got fire truck rides.  


Ayana, D.C. & Complex.


The LCLC secured and sponsored a local high school sophomore to an internship in DC. Ms. Ayanna Williams, the winner of the LCLC's spelling bee, spent the 4th of July in DC as she kicked off a week long internship shadowing Rep Westerman during his daily duties as a United States Congressman. LCLC also presented a proposal to the Lafayette County School

District to acquire the old elementary school complex along with the old high school gym and band hall. The purpose is to turn the complex into a community activity center with plans to open in 2016.

Jul '15

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