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Lewisville, AR 71845

The Lafayette County Leadership Council (LCLC) is a nonprofit civic organization with the mission to promote economic development, provide and assist in charitable community activities, improve quality of life in the county, and cultivate the educational improvements of all residents.  The council has been sanctioned by the IRS and the State of Arkansas Secretary of State as a Non-Profit Association and operates under its own set of By-Laws with four elected positions; President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer serving 12 month terms. These are non paid, elected volunteer positions. 

The mission and vision of this organization is to promote the interest, welfare, and educational excellence of our communities through our endeavors.  We do this by developing and making use of the individual and collective efforts of the members to advance the welfare and interest of our residents.  We demonstrate pride, commitment, integrity, and professionalism in all that we do and look forward to serving the residents of Lafayette County.  We serve as a platform for improving the quality of life and education opportunities for our residents as well as helping those less fortunate.  Membership is open to any resident of the County. 



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